Beautiful diamonds in macro. by Edgar Soto

Polished Diamonds

Chintamani Group’s polished diamonds branch operates entirely out of Antwerp and has done so for almost two decades. Our long-standing relationship with key suppliers in the market, and a global presence, ensures a consistent and varied range of inventory, including but not limited to stars, full cuts, melees, pointers, caraters, princess cuts, fancy cuts ideal cuts, white and colored stones.

A diamond placed on a sea of pieces of Bas van den Eijkhof
silver diamond ring on red textileby Sabrianna

Our aim, not just as a corporate entity but also a proud member of the diamond community, is to serve. We work hard to cater to all our clients’ demands, whether they require particular sizes or specialty makes. From small diamond ranges (0.003 to 0.15 cents) to high value bigger stones (any shape 1 to 50 carats), we have constantly collaborated and partnered with sources over the years to meet the demands and specific needs of our clients.

We have account managers available round the clock and we pride ourselves on our transparent trading practices, fair and competitive pricing and open communication with suppliers and clients alike. And with offices in Antwerp, Dubai and Hong Kong, we are able to abundantly serve clients from all corners of the world.

Two Diamonds are placed on a sea of pieces of Bas van den Eijkhof