About Chintamani

The Beginning

The Chintamani Group was founded on 29 December, 2004. Active on an international scale to supply a large range and variety of diamonds, we have offices in Dubai, Antwerp and Hong Kong, and strive to maintain best possible relationships with both our customers and suppliers.

What we offer

Our main activities have been broken down into 3 main categories – trading and manufacturing rough diamonds, trading of small polished diamonds below 0.30 points and trading of larger polished diamonds above 5 carats, with a strong focus on special stones. Additionally, we have begun a new endeavour – designing and manufacturing bespoke jewelry, with a specialty in engagement rings.

What makes us different

Our group’s strength lies in these 6 main factors that differentiate us from the others in the market:

  • An extremely diversified supply source.

  • A constant and passionate drive to provide quality goods to our customers at the correct market price.

  • An unmatched reputation in the trade.

  • A privileged position as an important player in the market that gives us access to unique goods and buying opportunities.

  • A strong focus on provenance and transparency with regards to our sourcing.

  • A vast inventory aided by long-term, nurtured relationships with suppliers, enabling us to cater to specific needs and wishes of our customers.

Our Values

We provide a full range of offerings, from certified to non-certified stock, which has proved to be a big indicator of our success. Additionally, we adhere to the highest ethical standards at all levels of our organization. We strive to be a model company in the diamond trade, priding ourselves with our capable staff that can adapt to the needs of our clients and operating as a true catalyst in the chain of goods, services, skills, ideas and information related to the diamond industry.

Our Achievements

Over the years, we have hit several milestones, from turnover growth to entering different market segments within the diamond trade. Our most recent accomplishment was acquiring and selling their first 50+ carat, D color stone, opening doors to a whole new speciality market segment. We are also proud to be active members of the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2012 as part f our commitment to a fair and sustainable supply chain.