Silver bracelet reflectionby Carlos Esteves

Bespoke Jewelry

Designing and manufacturing bespoke jewelry, with a specialty in engagement rings, is a recent addition to our extensive portfolio. Our unique advantage of having access to high-quality, beautiful stones currently available in the trading market and sourcing these stones at competitive wholesale prices, gives us an edge over retail jewelers.

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Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring with a double Sabrianna

This competitive advantage enables us to specialise in engagement rings by putting our hearts and souls into finding you the right stone to fit your taste, style and budget. Moreover, our model allows us to work closely with clients and bring their dream designs to life at affordable prices.

And we didn’t stop at engagement rings. Our carefully cultivated relationships with various sources, supplying all types of diamonds and a plethora of rare gemstones, and working with skilled craftsmen over the years, we are proudly able to deliver stunning, sophisticated pieces of jewelry. Our post-purchase customer service ensures that the final products delivered exceed the expectations of our customers.